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What we offer our clients

The number one thing investors can expect from us is complete and absolute transparency. Over the course of any real estate project there are persistent obstacles that strive to delay timeline and inflate cost. Effectively managing these impediments is the key to success in this business as there are numerous factors affecting a project from financing, construction, municipality requirements, property management, and more. We acknowledge that this is normal part of the business, and we provide investors with accurate updates that display not only the success stories but also the issues at hand and what we are doing to work through the. Our firm is competitive to other passive lending avenues because we offer customized investment options based on the amount of investable capital an investor has, how long they are able to keep the money out for, and what type of project they would like to be a part of. Many other companies take investor capital and you are unable to identify exactly how your funds were utilized. Our investor agreements state exactly which project their funds will be used for and for what purposes.

How we are different

We differentiate ourselves from other real estate investment companies because we highly value long term relationships with our investors. We understand that if we do not provide them with the respect and customer service they deserve, they can take their capital elsewhere at liquidation of their investment. Therefore, we strive to invest only in projects in which we have absolute certainty their capital will be paid back on time along with their relevant interest, and a professional relationship will be formed throughout the period of the investment via regular in-person meetings and phone calls. Our goal is to not only provide a competitive return on their money, but grow their confidence in us so much that they elect to reinvest their funds with us over and over.

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