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Getting close to your neighbors.

Getting close to your neighbors

Authored by Taner on November 19, 2019

As a builder or general contractor there are a lot of headaches and problems that come with the job. Majority of them being unforeseen so you need to be light on your feet and be able to come up with solutions quickly. Time is of the essence in construction always, especially since time = money. A major key to reducing the stress of the issues that might arise is to become very friendly with your surrounding neighbors while you are working there.

A friendly neighbor or two can make your whole job a breeze in times of need. On the contrary, a neighbor that is not so friendly, can actually cause more problems and make things a lot harder for you.

As soon as you acquire the property just make a small introduction (providing you name and phone number) to the neighbors informing them that you will be doing construction on a neighboring property for a few months and that you’re there for their best interest as well. Always keep neighbors happy by making sure their property is untouched throughout the construction process and if it does get damaged, always make sure to put everything back the way it was or make it better.

To also make them comfortable with all the noise and work going on, give them your contact information so they may reach you if they have any questions or concerns. This is a blessing and a curse because they will be happy that you care about this property but the last thing you want is them calling you about every little thing. With that said, this could also be a good way for them to keep an eye on your project when you’re not around. There have been instances where our neighbors have called us when we received deliveries and have sheltered them from the weather.

Also, who knows, maybe the neighbors house might be your next project! Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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