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How to Properly Screen Tenants for Long Term Success.

How to Properly Screen Tenants for Long Term Success

Authored by Taner on October 20, 2019

There are plenty of things that can go south on you in construction. Many of them can definitely cost you a pretty penny or two. Majority of these issues start at the initial stages in the project. The main two stages involve Masonry foundations and then framing. These two stages are very critical to ensure the rest of the project will be smooth sailing. During the first day of the framing sets the tone for the job going forward.

The framing of the sub floor has many concerns to be aware of that any inexperienced framer or contractor might not know. Prior to laying down the sub floor, the framing joists are placed down, the sill plates, and all lvl beams placed. During this initial few hours of the framing will determine your elevation of your whole building. You want to ensure that your first floor elevation is where it should be once the subfloor has been installed. If it does not come out to the number that it shouldn’t be, you need to ask yourself why and if it will affect you.

There are many reasons why this might be a concern, first and most importantly would be to ensure you are within your zoning height tolerance, sometimes you don’t have that much room for changes and if you go over your allowed height than you have to make it up somewhere and drop a ceiling height of either the first or second floor which will affect the end product appearance. You can also lessen the pitch of the roof and make it look flatter which will also reduce the curb appeal of the property.

Lastly there is cost, the cost of reframing the whole subfloor, first you will need to remove all the plywood for the subfloor, than remove all of the joists underneath and hope they stay in good condition to use them again, and finally adjust your height in your sill plate by making it a double sill plate to gain more basement height and bring up the finished first floor or remove a sill plate to do the opposite. So in conclusion, whenever you’re starting a new project, or building, always ensure that you get off to the right start by double checking these minor little things that could become a big issue later down the line. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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